Sweetens Cove

Only twenty five (25) minutes from downtown Chattanooga

Sweetens Cove Golf Club, the hand-crafted masterpiece by King-Collins Golf Course Design, has been featured in The New York Times and is rated by Golfweek as the 50th ranked Modern Course in the United States. In addition, Sweetens Cove received the highest average rating of ALL golf courses in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, & Louisiana in The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses, v. 2.

Sweetens Cove also received Golfweek’s rating of  #1 “Course You Can Play” in Tennessee for 2016, 2017 and 2018

#50 Golfweek’s Top 100 Modern Course, Read the Article

Prior to this afternoon, I had played 1001 golf courses, including every one of the 318 still existing courses that has ever been listed on  a World Top 100 published by Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and 8 other well know publications.  This afternoon, I played Sweetens Cove and had so much FUN…the only courses I can think of that are comparable in terms of fun include Askernish GC (Scotland), Royal Worlington (England), Royal Dornoch, The Old Course, Brora, Sand Hills GC, and a few others…
Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple…Thank you for your work and the results!
Paul Rudovski

“Sweetens Cove is one of the most audacious designs we’ve seen.  [King-Collins] built one of the most diverse & entertaining set of green complexes found anywhere.  This kind of fun, inventive, quick golf is more commonplace in the UK, which is why the game is so much healthier there than in America.  If you leave [Sweetens Cove] smiling, don’t panic: golf is supposed to be fun.”

Ran Morrissett

Author, The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses (2nd Ed.)

“I have never had more people tell me to play a course than Sweetens Cove in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.”
“Once you begin your round, you find course conditions that would rival many of the top courses in the country. The massive undulating greens are smooth as glass and very firm. The fairways are fast and cut tight, similar to what you’d find in the UK and the bunkers are all in excellent shape. After a few holes you realize the caliber of championship golf and think, “I’ve got to tell everyone about this…” At that point you’ve accidentally joined the Sweetens Cove cult.
Graylyn Loomis

Assistant Editor, Links Magazine

Sweetens Cove…harkens back to one of the most influential golf courses ever built in the United States [Augusta National]….Collins and his partner, [Tad] King, have embraced the original MacKenzie-Jones tenets with gusto. Writing about Augusta then, MacKenzie could have been describing Sweetens today.

Anthony Pioppi

Author, To The Nines